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Fifth Interop-Vlab.It Workshop

The Fifth Interop-Vlab.it Workshop aims at discussing the most recent achievements concerning interoperability and its role in the context of the scientific research, technological development and applications. The workshop is promoted by the members of the Interop-VLab.it and it is open to the scientific community at large. Researchers are kindly invited to present research projects and innovative ideas to demonstrate the increasing importance of methods and tools to support interoperability and their possible applications for enterprises and complex organizations in general. As the main objective of the workshop is to exchange scientific ideas within our community, we will accept a synthesis of scientific papers already presented or to be presented elsewhere.
The theme of this edition of the workshop is "Complexity of systems, complexity of interoperability". In particular, besides the large number of research topics concerning interoperability, we wish to emphasise the theme of complexity of enterprise systems and their interoperability. The new challenges due to globalization require an increasing flexibility and efficiency in managing complexity and dynamicity of enterprise networks, social networks and networks consisting of huge amounts of connected data (i.e., linked open data). Deterministic modeling techniques allow these systems to be only partially specified. They do not consider the emergent characteristics as a result of autonomous behaviour of proactive components. New advanced solutions to identify and understand semantic, technological and topologic complexity of these networks allow interoperability problems to be better addressed.
A not exhaustive list of workshop's topics is reported below: Enterprise systems and complexity theory, Interoperable complex systems, Context information management in Networked Enterprises, Internet of Things in complex systems, Linked Open Data, Linked Open Knowledge, Metadata Management and interoperability, Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems, Ontologies, System and collective intelligence, Semantic Business Processes, Semantic models and architectures for interoperability in networks, Semantic Social networks, Situation awareness, Semantic technologies for interoperability, Semantic Web and enterprise systems, Service Modeling for Business, Service Oriented (Enterprise) Architectures, Ubiquitous production control, Cooperative decision making

Submission Details: Papers with a minimum length of 5 pages and a maximum length of 8 pages should be written in English. They should be edited according to the MS Word LNCS template (www.springer.de/comp/lncs/authors.html). Papers should be sent to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. by 3rd September, 2012.

Proceedings: Proceedings will be published online as e-Proceedings hosted by CEUR (CEUR-Workshop proceedings).